WOW! What an evening - you are all stars - SUPERSTARS!

The 2017 Celebration Evening

Over 200 people, 90+ awards and lots of fun!

Photos are free to download from our site, and should you require the hi-res to print out please do get in touch!

COACH OF THE YEAR 2017: Alex Gurnell - who received a rapturous reception :

Here's to another amazing year of tennis - and remember, keep playing all year!

Photos copright: Gareth Buddo, Furmoto Photography

2016: A wonderful evening celebrating the achievements of children's tennis

Games, quizzes, puzzles, the Waterfall Challenge, the 2-ball contest and lots of certificates, wristbands and trophies made this a night to remember!

Coach of the year was Jack Wood.

Photos copright: Gareth Buddo, Furmoto Photography