Frequently Asked Questions

Whappens if it rains?

We will contact you by text on the day, usually about 1-2hours before the session informing you of cancellation. We then refund you this via a discount code to use against the following term, e.g. rain1 or rain2.

Can I pay weekly?

Sorry, but no.  We take payments for the half-term up front (avg. 7 weeks) as it is your place that you are paying for.  This is because we follow LTA guidelines on player to coach ratios, plus it allows for improved player development and lesson planning.

We are coming to a tennis camp - what do I need to send my child with?

Aside from their racquet, dressed appropriately for the weather - with sun-cream and a hat as necessary.  Good supportive trainers are essential (no football blades please).  If they are staying all day, then drinks, a packed lunch and some snacks.  If just the morning, a snack and their drink will do.

Do you offer free tennis coaching?

Yes for the first session!  We offer a try before you buy system, so come along to a free tennis coaching lesson, and then when you like it, just pay for the reamaining sessions that term!

Do you offer individual or private lessons?

Yes.  Please contact me direct on 0788 2267971 to discuss a mutually convenient time.

Which class is best for my child? What is Mini-Red, Orange and Green tennis?

This is the LTA's Mini-Tennis system. <br>

Mini Red is for 5-8 year olds <br>

Mini Orange for 8-9 year olds, and <br>

Mini Green for 10-11 year olds. <br>

We also take into account the ability of the child, so it may be that an extremely talented 9 year old may play Mini Green before their 10th birthday.